SHS is specialized on designing taylor-made big game hunting trips. Learn with us the different traditional ways of hunting in Spain!


Feel the Spanish hunting tradition of big game driven hunts

A monteria consists in a hunt of red stags, mouflons, wild boars and fallow deers which are driven by dogs by a group of hunters. The season runs from the end of September to the beginning of March, depending of the area. SHS organizes high-level driven hunt throughout Spain with a personalized service and always looking for the highest quality and comfort. We are specialists in organizing taylor-made driven hunt from 5 to 20 hides. In this way we give preference to the safety of the hunters and increase the guarantee of enjoyment and success. Monterias could be perfectly combined with partridge shooting days, being able to organize trips where you will enjoy different hunting modalities without larges displacements. At the same time it is very interesting to harmonize them with some gastro-cultural trips.

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Stalking is probably one of the purest ways of hunting, as it challenges the hunter to approach the animal in its natural environment. The unique Spanish Ibex hunts are well-known around the World.

SHS organizes stalks of Spanish Ibex and Iberian Red Deer (Rut Season) in the best private properties or game reserves, and the best Slams to combine them with each other. The season for the hunting Spanish Ibex is from September until the end of July. For the Iberian Red Deer we take advantage of their rut period in order to make hunting more attractive and exciting. This period includes from August 15 until the end of September. In Spain Hunting Services we focus on very high quality trophies guaranteeing the requests of the most demanding hunters.

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International Hunting

At SHS we have a wide experience on international hunting trips, having done hunting expeditions throughout the whole World.

At Spain Hunting Services we are specialist on Wild Boar Driven shoots in Hungary, we we can guarantee big days and great trophy quality of wild boars for groups up to 12 hunters. We also have a great experience hunting in Africa, were you will be able to explore the raw beauty of the African nature.

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