Discover with SHS the best and most exclusive destinations in Spain for shooting red legged partridge.


Spain is an incredible country where to shoot driven partridges. The season goes from September 15th to April 15th, depending on the area.

Bird Shooting in Spain

SHS works with a variety of properties where to offer the best partridge shooting days. Each property runs the shoot on their unique and personal style, making it possible to organize varied shoots for different desires, tastes and budgets.

SHS knows in depth the market of partridge properties throughout Spain, having direct contact with all of companies, focusing only on properties that meet a maximum of quality and professionalism. Organizing your shooting trip will not increase the cost of the shoot, as our fees are supported by the property.

Another good option is the exciting ducks shooting. The season runs from September to February, depending on the area.

We have a selection of properties which you can enjoy a fun day of hunting around the lake trying to shoot this cunning animal.Duck shooting varies hugely depending on the style in which it is done, normally it takes place in humid areas where the duck comes to the refuge being the best time to shoot it.


Argentina is considered the paradise to Shooting Doves and the season goes all year but the best moment is from September to April 15th.

Bird Shooting in Argentina

SHS works with the most exclusive destinations in Argentina for dove and duck shooting. We organize hunting trips during the whole year, where you will be able to shoot dove or ducks, or even design a trip where to be able to mix both species.

Argentina is the only destination where to feel like shooting without any limit! It is a country that every shooting enthusiast must travel to.


If you are looking for the most traditional place to shoot pheasant and grouse, England is your destination.

Bird Shooting in England

The season runs from 12th August to 1st February depending of what kind of bird you want to shoot.

Is the favourite place for the most demanding shooters where they are fascinated by the amazing flight of the pheasant or the speed of the grouse. Every shooter must experience at least once in his lifetime the essence of shooting in England.


Have a royal experience while living in a castle of the XVI century during your stay in Sweden.

Bird Shooting in Sweden

The season goes from October to January, suitable for groups of 8-10 guns.

SHS can organize a trip combining ducks and pheasants without leaving the same property optimizing time. Our property has great experience in birds shooting and we guarantee a hunting of very high quality in all aspects.

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